Bad Motherfucker got more than 150,000,000 views on Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook. The clip caught the attention of numerous Hollywood stars and global musicians, including Samuel Jackson, Darren Aronofsky, Tommy Lee, Flying Lotus, DJ Skee, Tim Roth, Jared Leto, Patrick Alessandrin, Robert Rodriguez, William Friedkin, Park Chan-wook, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Sylvester Stallone. The clip exploded on the viral video charts and won prestigious international awards!
Ilya Naishuller

Sergey (Voogie) Valyaev
Katerina Kononenko
Oleg Poddubniy
Stunt Coordinator
This project showcases how diverse minds and visions can create something truly exceptional and fresh. When a punk-rock director met a parkour cinematographer, they vowed to set the web on fire. Behold the result..
Total views
≈ 150 000 000
Vaughan Film Festival
Vaughan Film Festival - At the canadian international festival of short films Voogie won the 1st place in nomination "Best Cinematography"
London International Awards
London International Awards'13 - Bad Motherfucker clip became gold winner in the nomination "Best Music Video of the Year".
Сamerimage festival
At the international festival of arts and cinema in Poland, Bad Motherfucker clip was awarded in two nominations: "Best Cinematography in Music Video" and "Best Music Video"
Webcuts festival Berlin
Webcuts festival Berlin'13 - Bad Motherfucker got 2nd place in the nomination "Best Internet Video of the Year"
ONE Screen Film Festival
ONE Screen Film Festival - Ilya Naishuller won 1st place for "Best Directing" at the prestige festival ONE Screen in New York.
Bad Motherfucker is the sequel to the "Insane Office Escape" music video. The first video was the band Biting Elbows' most successful (and cheapest) clip at the time, racking up over six million views.

We shot the video in Ilya's father's office on a shoestring budget. Our pals played the villains for just a slice of pizza and the thrill of the idea.We were short on suits (only about four), so everyone kept swapping outfits.

The priciest part of the video? The pyrotechnics. We fired three shotgun shots but kept only one in the final cut. After rave reviews from critics, top bloggers, and the public, we knew a sequel was a must.

Insane Office Escape
"Music video for Biting Elbows garnered nearly 6,000,000 views on YouTube in 2011. The entire video was shot using a GoPro 1. This clip marked Ilya Naishuller's first major success as a director. After this video, Voogie was inspired to pursue a career as a professional cinematographer.
We crafted a new script, amping up the story's intensity to its peak. It became clear: we needed a sponsor. Ilya took a leap of faith, investing his own funds into the production, while Voogie prepared a presentation for potential backers.

The project's producer, Katia Kon, set out to find investors, but it proved challenging. With the script chock-full of brutal scenes, many sponsors politely declined, fearing public backlash. But then, BACARDI showed interest.

Voogie whipped up a presentation showcasing how they could weave their brand into our video. In the end, BACARDI got cold feet, but we struck gold with another sponsor: vodka NEFT. The integration approach remained unchanged...

Presentation and Original Script! The working title of the project was 'INSANE OFFICE ESCAPE 2', but we later changed the name to 'BAD MOTHERFUCKER'
Preparations for shooting & Location scouting
After the successful release, we had the opportunity to create a feature film! And after three years of grueling work, we finally made it!