Bad Motherfucker get more than 150 000 000 views via Youtube + Vimeo+ Facebook. The clip was noticed by many Hollywood stars and world muscians among which are Samuel Jackson, Darren Aronofsky, Tommy Lee, Flying Lotus, DJ Skee, Tim Roth, Jared Leto, Patrick Alessandrin, Robert rodriguez, William Friedkin, Park Chan-wook, Sacha Baron Cohen and Silvester Stallone. Clip blowed up viral video charts and won prestige world awards!
Ilya Naishuller

Sergey (Voogie) Valyaev
Katerina Kononenko
Oleg Poddubniy
Stunt Coordinator
This project is outstanding example how different minds and visions can generate something extraordinary and new. One day Punk-rock director met parkour Cinematographer and they decided to blow up the web. Here is the Result...
Total views
≈ 150 000 000
Vaughan Film Festival
Vaughan Film Festival - At the canadian international festival of short films Voogie won the 1st place in nomination "Best Cinematography"
London International Awards
London International Awards'13 - Bad Motherfucker clip became gold winner in the nomination "Best Music Video of the Year".
Сamerimage festival
At the international festival of arts and cinema in Poland, Bad Motherfucker clip was awarded in two nominations: "Best Cinematography in Music Video" and "Best Music Video"
Webcuts festival Berlin
Webcuts festival Berlin'13 - Bad Motherfucker got 2nd place in the nomination "Best Internet Video of the Year"
ONE Screen Film Festival
ONE Screen Film Festival - Ilya Naishuller won 1st place for "Best Directing" at the prestige festival ONE Screen in New York.
Bad Motherfucker is a sequel of "Insane office escape" music video. First video became the most successful (and the cheapest) clip for the band Biting Elbows at that moment and got more than a six million views. We filmed the clip in the Ilya' father's office basically with no budget. Our friends played the villians for the piece of pizza and for idea. We didn't even got enough suits (there were only about 4 suits) so everyone constantly changed clothes.

The most expencive thing in this video was pyrotechnics — we did three shots from the shotgun but left only one of them in the clip %). After positive reviews from critics, famous bloggers and society we understood we should make a sequel.

Insane Office Escape
Music video for Biting Elbows, get almost 6 000 000 views via Youtube in 2011.
Entire video was shot on GOPRO 1. The clip was the first successful work of Ilya Naishuller as Director. And After this video Voogie decided to become a professional cinematographer...
We wrote a new script, raised the degree of story to the maximum, and it became obvious, that whywe need the sponsor. Ilya risked and started production on his own money while Voogie created presentation of project for potential sponsors.

Producer of project Katia Kon started to search invests but that turned out the difficult problem. Script contained plenty of violent kills so all sponsors tactfully denied us, afraid of society reaction. At last our project interested BACARDI, and Voogie created the presentation for them with options to integrate their brand in our clip. Eventually, representatives of BACARDI backpedaled, and we got another sponsor — vodka NEFT. The inegration method didn't change...

Presentation & Original Script! Working title of the project was INSANE OFFICE ESCAPE 2. Later changed the name to BAD MOTHERFUCKER
Preparations for shooting & Location scouting
After successful release we got opportunity to create a feature film! And after 3 years of hard work we
finally did it!