Regie & Voogie
A visual artists duo from a parallel world of magical realism. We combine our filmmaking skills with 3D, drawing, CG compositing, and real-time rendering. Except of making art we work as directors collaborating with AAA brands & celebrities.


Each of our works is the result of an experience transfered into a meaningful piece of art. Inspired by magical realism, our artistic style combines the masculine and the feminine to find a point of balance between the two. We create colored worlds born in our fantasies in order to tell meaningful stories...
Voogie & Regie
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Past decade each of us accumulated huge experience in the advertising and film industry. We've gained invaluable experience creating commercials, CG, feature-length films, and creative concepts for the top brands.

Now as we are started working as artist duo, we combined our skills and having found a common vision that helped us to develop a signature artistic style...
Voogie & Regie
The Artistic Duo

Regie's Showreel

Voogie's Showreel