Power Showreel (2023)

My latest reel unveils a fresh evolutionary step in my directorial journey. Now, wielding the might of 3D animation and game engines, I'm smashing through cinematic barriers. Dive into this digital frontier – it's a wild ride you won't wanna miss!
This reel showcases advertising and music video footage shot in 2021-2022 before the onset of the "special military operation" initiated by Russia in Ukraine.

Following those events, I decided to halt shooting advertisements in Russia and relocated to Indonesia. Diving headfirst into my new surroundings, I embraced my role as a Creative Director and Producer for 3D graphics. I also began to explore the world of animation direction. As a result, I've added several 3D animation clips from 2023 to this reel, all crafted during my time in Bali.

As I pen this description, I've already amassed a ton of new kick-ass projects. And, between you and me, it looks like my next reel will be all about 3D graphics.