Interviews and public talks

2x2 TV Channel: Intro to the Evening Super Takeover Party Live Show.

The entire presentation is in Russian, so if you don't speak the language, I recommend turning on YouTube's automatic subtitles.
At the invitation of a popular Russian entertainment TV channel, I hosted and announced the content block of the evening show.
Russia's beloved animation hub, 2X2 TV Channel, tapped me for a guest hosting gig on one of their prime-time shows.

The plan was for me to hit the studio and lay down some intros for the Friday night entertainment lineup. But work had me tied up, and I couldn't break away to make the studio session. Thinking on my feet, I proposed to the channel's producers to take the DIY route and record the intros at my home studio – I'm no stranger to running the camera. They took the bait, and next thing you know, I was scripting and shooting the intros from the comfort of my own place.

The result of this work was broadcast on television, and I've kept copies of my performances on my YouTube channel.

Announcement of the movie "Secret Window."

Announcement of the show Sauna-Man: Ase ka Namida ka Wakaranai

Announcement of the show The Shivering Truth