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Design Prosmotr: The Impact of the Gaming Industry on Cinema, Advertising, and Design.

"Prosmotr Design Forum" – the heavyweight champ of design meetups in Russia. It's the largest, the loudest, and the most luscious design event around, where the elite of the industry come to play.
The entire presentation is in Russian, so if you don't speak the language, I recommend turning on YouTube's automatic subtitles.

The Impact of the Gaming Industry on Cinema, Advertising, and Design.

We're talking about a biannual bash in Moscow and St. Petersburg that's as much about sharing the design love as it is about showcasing sheer brilliance.

Here's the deal: 24 speakers from all walks of design life take the stage at each event to spill the beans on what's hot and what's next. And yeah, we record every single word, but you'll only see half of it online – the rest is like a VIP backstage pass.

Since we kicked off this shindig, over 150 speakers have graced our stage, we've rolled out the red carpet for 7,000 attendees, and we've got a social media following that's more than the population of some small countries – 200,000 readers and counting. Plus, with over 5 million views, we're not just a forum; we're a phenomenon.

And me? I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt as a speaker. I might not fit the mold of a traditional designer anymore, but at Prosmotr, I'm right where I belong – sharing insights, stirring the pot, and keeping the flame of innovation burning bright.