Producing Showreel (2019)

After kicking off my career as a director and action cinematographer, I founded Cameraptor with the goal of turning it into the most innovative content-producing company in our galaxy.
Not one to shy away from challenges or experimentation, the team wholeheartedly embraced the philosophy of controlling each production stage — from the spark of an initial concept to the finesse of post-production.

Cameraptor's client list is basically a VIP section unto itself: Fendi, Breitling, Dior, Chanel, Asus, Playboy, Panasonic, ADIDAS, Tik Tok, Karcher, Puma, Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort, Moscow Subway, SONY, and other juggernauts of the industry.

In the early years alone, we pulled off some groundbreaking feats: the First world's largest calligraphy art and the Largest calligraphy in Rome; We built a Huge parkour park for the world's best freerunning couple on Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana; participated in the creation of the world's first feature film shot from a first-person perspective; shot a documentary about the world's largest cave in the world; shot an experimental video using neural networks for the Mumiy Troll band.

But let's make it clear: that was just us clearing our throat. The main act in our creative journey is yet to come.