Hurricane Showreel (2017)

Introducing my debut action showreel, a handpicked collection of my cinematography/directing accomplishments from 2012 to 2017.
My wild ride in the video world kicked off with a bang as an action cinematographer.
I made a grand entrance into the professional scene as a stunt camera operator in 2012 with the music video 'Biting Elbows - The Stampede.' But hell, I wasn't about to stop there. I solidified my place in the badass hall of fame with the sequel, 'Biting Elbows - Bad Motherfucker,' bagging international awards for my camera magic and racking up gazillions of views across the social multiverse.

During this wild ride, I whipped up several specialized devices for action filming and even pocketed patents for my game-changing toys.

The raving success of my first-person music vids paved the way for the feature film 'Hardcore Henry,' which blasted onto global screens in 2015, launching me to another level of awesome.

My parkour and action sports chops only added fuel to the fire, carving out a distinct filming style full of runs, jumps, and mind-bending camera tricks. This made me the go-to guy in this insane niche, globe-trotting and filming iconic extreme athletes.

And let's keep it 100: this was just me warming up.