Ujet — Paris Launch

Directing Producing Cinematography Editting

"Ujet, the makers of luxury electric scooters, was opening a boutique in Paris. For the grand opening, they invited artist Pokras Lampas to custom-paint a scooter, turning it into an exclusive piece of art.

As someone who had previously filmed advertisements for the brand, I was also invited as a guest to the event.

While there, we realized it would be great to create another video for the brand. So, in just a few days and with Guerrilla-style spontaneity, we shot fresh content using amateur equipment to showcase at the store opening.

Fun fact: In the scenes where Pokras was painting the scooter, I didn't have professional lighting, so I ingeniously used the lights from numerous electric scooters as spotlights to illuminate our set.



© Cameraptor

Calligrafuturism by Pokras Lampas

▶ Produced, Directed, Shot, Color, Editing— Voogie & Regie