Inventions & Concepts Producing
Back in 2013, during a wild trip to Koh Phangan in Thailand, the artist Zorian Istomin was chilling in a hammock when he had this brainwave:
-"Why not stash a hammock inside a backpack? Always have it on the go!"
I thought it was a sick idea, but then, in the midst of our brainstorming, I was like:
-"Dude, why not make the backpack BE the hammock? Less weight, more space, more awesomeness!"
And that's how the Hammobag was born – a transformer backpack that unfolds into a rad portable hammock. Rock on!
During the prototyping phase, it became clear that the origami-style fabric folding wasn't just efficient but also provided a handy skateboard attachment. This makes the Hammobag a go-to backpack for thrill-seekers and urban adventurers alike.

After returning to Moscow, we refined the hammock design in collaboration with Oleg Savin, the owner of GEAR CRAFT. He enhanced the Hammobag's folding principle, helping us bring it to its final production version.
The backpack was showcased at various exhibitions and released in a limited edition. Sadly, we never mustered the energy to turn this into a full-fledged business.
We kept the idea at a concept level and didn't scale the product's manufacturing, even though the demand was even higher than we had anticipated...