Dirol X Rasa — Po Prikolu

Directing Creative Editting
Advertising music video for Dirol, filmed in collaboration with popular Russian pop artists — Rasa

Backstage Video

Shot by Aleksander Matukhno

Storyboard Animatic

Long before the day of shooting, Voogie&Regie edited the entire video using their own 3D storyboard stills.

Realtime Set Previsualization

At the stage of pre-production Voogie&Regie modeled all set rooms in a simplified 3D and play it using real time render engine. This allowed the crew to better understand the tasks and the client to approve everything in advance.

Location & Сlothes Sketches

By Ivan Solomin & Maria Nazarova

Storyboard VS Screenshots


⦿ Cameraptor crew

☯ Directors, Scriptwriters, Storyboard \ 3D concept art & Color – Voogie&Regie

▶ Cinematographer – Vladimir Ushakov
 Production Designer – Ivan Solomin
▶ Costume Designer  – Maria Nazarova
▶ Editor  Slava Kuleshov

Video Produced byAmberStudio

♫ RASA MUSICVitya&Dasha

Mondelez Rus (Dirol)

▶ Marketing Manager G&C – Maria Kombarova
▶ Brand Manager – Diana Mamulian
▶ Junior Brand Manager – Violetta Agzhitova

★ Saatchi & Saatchi Russia

▶ Executive Creative Director – Yuri Polonskiy
▶ Creative team – Eugene Makarova, Valentina Gorunova
▶ Producer – Anna Bogdanova 
▶ Account Director – Olga Tsvetkova