Voogie's Video Portolio

Voogie has worked in film production industry for over six years.
During this time he has worked as a cameraman, DP, producer, director
and editor. In addition he came up with a couple of inventions for cinematography. His portfolio includes feature film, advertising, VFX, music and sports videos. Also, he can shoot while running and jumping over obstacles...
Producer \ Director \ Editor \ Inventor \ VFX Adept & Handsome person
Co-Producer \ POV Operator \ Camera Rig Designer
Hardcore Henry — the first feature-lenght first-person action movie in the history of cinema to be shot 100% from the hero's perspective. Starring: Sharlto Copley, Halyey Bennet, Danila Kozlovskiy! The film was shown in cinemas in 67 countries.
Voogie together with director Ilya Naishuller created a film treatment. He tested and chose all equipment for shooting, working with the director of photography - Seva Kaptur. Together with Andrey Dementyev they shot most of the scenes in POV for the film's main character. Voogie solved various production tasks as a co-producer. Smokin' Heroes come up into this project with various ideas, create storyboards, concept-art, stickers and movie posters. 'Hardcore Henry' was filmed with a number of prototypes of the Adventure Mask developed by Voogie.
Voogie loves music. Now, he has 12 different concepts for music video's that he is ready to direct and shoot. If you are a talented musician or producer, please contact Voogie!
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Writer \ Producer \ Director \ Operator \ Editor
Experimental music video for famous Russian Rock band created using neural networks and animation.
Co-creator \ POV operator
Insane Office Escape
Music video for Biting Elbows, get almost 6 000 000 views via Youtube in 2011.
Entire video was shot on GOPRO 1. After this video Voogie decided to become a filmmaker.
Co-creator \ Director of Photography \POV Operator
Bad Motherfucker
Bad Motherfucker get more than 150 000 000 views via Youtube + Vimeo+ Facebook. The clip was noticed by many Hollywood stars and world muscians among which are Samuel Jackson, Darren Aronofsky, Tommy Lee, Flying Lotus, DJ Skee, Tim Roth, Jared Leto, Patrick Alessandrin, Robert rodriguez, William Friedkin, Park Chan-wook, Sacha Baron Cohen and Silvester Stallone. Clip blowed up viral video charts and won prestige world awards!
Vaughan Film Festival
Vaughan Film Festival - At the canadian international festival of short films Voogie won the 1st place in nomination "Best Cinematography"
London International Awards
London International Awards'13 - Bad Motherfucker clip became gold winner in the nomination "Best Music Video of the Year".
Сamerimage festival
At the international festival of arts and cinema in Poland, Bad Motherfucker clip was awarded in two nominations: "Best Cinematography in Music Video" and "Best Music Video"
Webcuts festival Berlin
Webcuts festival Berlin'13 - Bad Motherfucker got 2nd place in the nomination "Best Internet Video of the Year"
Education: Specialist in advertising. In his past life Voogie worked in EP agency (BBDO group), so he has experience as an advertising designer & Copywriter. Right now he uses this knowledges in all his advertising-related projects.
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Creator \ Producer \ Director \ Operator \ Editor

Voogie together with Fendi & Pokras Lampas realized the biggest Calligraffiti in Italy on FENDI rooftop at Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, reinterpreting the F IS FOR…manifesto throughout freedom of expression, art, culture and optimism all around!

Voogie - Director \ Producer \ Editor
Fendi - The Largest Calligraphy Artwork in Rome
Directed, Produced and edited by Voogie
Fendi - Pokras Lampas... In focus
Directed and produced by Voogie
FENDI commercial
Creator \ Producer \ Director \ Operator \ Editor
FENDI commercial
Creator \ Producer \ Director \ Editor
Creator \ Producer \ Director \ Operator
One of the Voogie's biggest passions is extreme sports. He is always ready to shoot talented athletes and work on advertising projects related to sports.
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DP \ Producer \ Director \ Editor
Documentary films
From time to time Voogie produces documentary films about the things that excite him.
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Writer \ Director \ Operator \ Editor \Producer
How to climb Europe's tallest
building without permission?
This video was noticed by world media like Dailymail, Russia Today, Vesti, Postimes, etc... and the episode was viewed by more than
3,000,000 people on the original Youtube channel and its clones. The video made so much buzz in Russia, that after
its release, the building security chief was fired.

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Writer \ Director \ Operator \ Editor \Producer
Huge graffiti in Moscow subway & ride on
the roof of hi-speed train in winter!
We drew a huge Calligraffiti in the Moscow subway. (First in history). This film tells the true story about the train riders subculture.

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Writer \ Director \ Operator \ Producer
How to get into the Guinness Book of Records?
The true Flyboard Story
The story about russian Flyboarders who decided to get into Guinness Book of Records! This is a roadtrip story about adventurers who ride across four countries, finally getting to France to meet with the Flyboard inventor - Frankie Zapata.
The film was created with the support of Panasonic.

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Mocha Pro + Adobe After Effects+
+ Cinema 4D + Poser Pro + DaVinci Resolve
Voogie has experience as a VFX Artist. He knows the work pipelines in all popular compositing & 3D programs, and he's ready to work as an Art Director.
Rotoscope & Retouch
Editing complicated shots with the floating focus for one of the videos by Zorik Istomin.
Task for Voogie: Cut an artist from background, make 3D tracking, re-create the scene replacing day to night & change the location. Generate particles, retouch the skin.

Original video
After Editing

Recolor & Deflicker
Task for Voogie: Remove insane strobe lighting in first shot, recolor the wall without affecting the rest of the colors.

Original video
After Editing

Fashion Video clean up
Original Fashion film Shot & Directed by Regie.
Task for Voogie: Make VFX for 21 clips. Сutting and inserting objects and retouching.

Editting process example
Original Film

Still image retouch

Task for Voogie: Make an photo manipulation

Show Yourself Teaser

Directed & ArtDirected by Voogie.
A Task to Voogie: Fool the viewer into believing that what he sees is a real-life stunt.
Yes this video is absolutely fake, whole thing is made in 3D!

Shoot & Artdirected by Voogie, Rotoscope by Roma ViShivanov & Roma Bilichenko
Animation created by Paul Shtyler
Next generation camera work


Voogie has been practicing parkour more than ten years and he worked in the film industry for past six years. One day he decided to combine everything together. Here's the result...
Short film about winter parkour & freerunning in Russia.
Coming when it's done...
Los Angeles Rush Hour
Classic Parkour Video For Redbull youtube channel with Tempest Freerunning. Shot in 3 hours.
Istanbul Inspiration
Short camera-training footage with AcroRun team in Istanbul
Original Video

The Boss Level training
Camera-run training with Pasha 'The Boss' Petkuns.

Training run across Saint Petersburg
Short morning camera-training runs.
Original Video

Long takes, running sequences
Short camera-training footage with AcroRun team in Istanbul
Red Bull Art of Motion qualification

Qualification video for russian Freerunners. Was shot in the morning without proper lighting. But video still rocks.
Parkour Adventure in Sochi
Raw Footage with long-take uninterrupted sequences for Freerunners from Sochi.

Voogie's Training process
To be ready for Ninja cinematography Voogie developed his own training program. He built a special bamboo 3 axis stabiliser simulator. It has ajustable weight and allows him to train without fear of breaking expensive movie equipment.
CoPhangan training
Camera-run training with Zorik Istomin
About Voogie's Stabilizer
Voogie prefers stabilization systems from Russia, powered by K-Devices.

He uses the FOLK-S Gimbal on his most complicated & dynamic shots. This Stabilizer is made from carbon-fiber so it's super light-weight, but has the most powerful brushless motors, making it suitable for use, with middle-weight professional cinema cameras.
FOLK-S is the only stabilizer that can withstand the most stressful conditions: Jumping from roof to roof, falling from a height of two meters, heavy rain, snow and terrible overheating. Russian 'break proof' design, that you can rely on, like an AK47.

Sergey Valyaev
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